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Certified Life Coach Beginning September 8, 2021

60 Hour International Coach Federation Approved Training

Course Summary

Life Coach Certification Program complete with materials, live training, and mentoring
      This 60 Hour, ICF approved, coach certification training is designed for those who are looking for an interactive, intensive program where they develop the skills necessary for a successful coaching career.  The program schedule is short enough for a student to begin coaching within 3 - 12 weeks but long enough for them to sharpen their coaching skills, get valuable feedback from their coach mentor/trainer, and develop structure when they work with clients.

   *Delivered Wednesday evenings for 12 weeks - Begins September 8, 2021

   *60 - ICF (International Coach Federation) approved hours   

       If you decide to become an ICF ACC accredited coach, the program hours from this training program can be used towards the accreditation          process.  This program is based on the coaching core competencies identified by the ICF and the hours qualify as ICF Continuing Coaching           Education Units.

   *6 Months access to Art and Science of Coaching   

   *Training and mentoring with award-winning coach Lori Brant  

   *Extensive coverage of material, insightful discussions, and exercises   

   *A One on One Coaching Session with Lori Brant   

   *In-depth training and development of coaching skills   

   *Business building tools and techniques    

   *Five mentoring sessions.

            Lori Brant observes and reviews your coaching to give feedback and provide opportunities for skill development.

     Successful coaching depends upon effective structure.  Successful coaching is about helping your clients tap into their inner wisdom to help define what their goals are, identify their blocks, and create strategies to move through those barriers. It’s about deep listening, transforming limiting beliefs, and helping your client identify what their best, next step forward is. Coaching is also about helping clients to clearly articulate their desires and remain accountable to meeting their objectives. 

Course Curriculum

Lori Brant

Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Education, Two-time Award-Winning ACC Certified Life Coach, Author, Master Spirit Life Coach, Speaker, Master of Metaphysics, Life Coach Trainer, and Mentor.

As a Life Coach, I like to get to the root of stress and transform that.  Otherwise, it's like playing wack a mole. The stress moves around in different areas of our lives and constantly keeps us from the happiness we crave.

Coaching with me is not a passive, sit around and talk about it, hope it all works out process. It's more like a dig in, let's do this, rip the bandaid off and let the real healing begin, type of experience.

I'm known for quickly revealing my client's most intrusive negative beliefs in a single session and teaching them to do it too. This insight allows me to effectively help my client transform the original causes of their stress, eliminate their negative influence on their behaviour and choices, and opens them up to their natural state of peace, calm, and happiness.

I lived most of my life stressed out.  Deep down, I knew there had to be more to life than that, and there was. I discovered that the stress I was experiencing today was mostly caused by what I call LES Loops.  Old childhood beliefs and strategies that were dictating my thoughts and how I responded today. I learned that if I could clean up those loops, I would be aligned with life. 

Alignment to me, is a pure, unobstructed moment, void of influences from the past and limiting expectations for the future. It's like a profound meditative experience, where I am completely awake, eyes wide open while physically, mentally, and emotionally engaged in what is happening in the moment. It's when I can see others for who they truly are, without their stories or their problems because in that moment, I am me, without my story, without my problems, my limitations, or fears.

I'm passionate about empowering people and supporting them as they identify their loops and transform them so they can draw themselves back into alignment. I get excited when I can share a simple, efficient strategy with clients that they can use on their own to break through hardened barriers of thought.

When I'm not doing that, I'm nurturing my own alignment, enjoying the water lakeside, or sipping a glass of wine in my screened-in porch. 

"OMG, thank you ever so much for your help with limiting beliefs! It's actually an area that I'd truly love to help people with. Your input was fantastic!! I'm just in awe. That was all around just one limiting belief. Thank you again . . . you are an amazing coach and trainer!!"  Jana

"Lori I just want to say thank you so so much for yesterday. That was amazing. You are one hell of an amazing woman. I’ve learned a lot from you not only through the coach training but in our one on one session too. I hope to be as good as a coach as you one day. That’s what I aspire to." Liz Jakoi 

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